Past Outreach Programmes at Artlink
Children’s Art Programmes

Parent & Toddler Art Club

The aim of Our Time is for parents and their toddlers to spend quality time together once a week while enjoying lots of different arts and crafts activities.

Fridays weekly 10.30 - 12 noon
Price: €4

Parents / Carers and Toddlers

The aim of this 10-week programme is to inspire parents and carers to nurture creativity in children by early intervention through the arts. Two modules will be covered throughout the programme - module one is Art & Creativity and module two will be Imaginative Play. Both are taught by qualified and experienced arts practitioners. During the programme parents / carers will be introduced to the importance of creative and imaginative play in child development by using simple activities to create a fun and safe environment with a hands-on learning approach. This programme is currently happening in Central Library Letterkenny and is funded by Euro Direct.

Youth Art Programmes


This 10-week project is aimed at youth who have an interest in movies and technology. The project offers teenagers the opportunity to discover their locality through new and positive eyes by experimenting with lens-based media while out and about in their locality. This will provide a platform of discovery as the youth search for new places, beauty spots, local knowledge, people and history within their area resulting in a fresh appreciation of their home. This programme is currently happening in Maghery Resource Centre and is funded by Donegal Co.Co. and Údarás na Gaeltacha.


This 6-month initiative is aimed at youth interested in art, crafts, design, technology and meeting new people. The programme is focused on contemporary art enabling participants to collaborate with artists, take responsibility in creative decision-making and increase their knowledge of the creative industries. Artistic opportunities include experimenting with different art forms, participating on overnight national gallery trips, visit professional artists in their studio, devising and hosting an exhibition and coordinating their own youth arts day! This programme is currently happening in Buncrana Youth Drop-In Centre and is funded by the Arts Council Young Ensembles Programme.

To join this programme contact Coordinator Crona Lynch at or telephone the Artlink office on 074 93 63469.

Art Programmes

Jan Svankmajer

Artlink in collaboration with the Cavanacor Gallery presented in November 2010 a unique one-day art workshop for Stop-Motion Animation students of The North West Regional College and Transition Year Students based upon the prints and sculpture of world-renowned Czech surrealist filmmaker and artist Jan Svankmajer, on the occasion of his first exhibition in Ireland, Jan Svankmajer: Prints & Sculpture at the Cavanacor Gallery, Ballindrait, Co Donegal.

The works on display at the Cavanacor Gallery - Prirodopis (the Czech word for ‘Natural History’) - have as their history the fact that during the '70s, Svankmajer produced various series of art works related to natural history, on the basis that "if the environmental catastrophe we are now experiencing means that dozens of animal species die each year, there is nothing for it but for the imagination to replace them with others." As well as being the works of a great surrealist, the other influences on Svankmajer represented within his the works at the Cavanacor Gallery include the idiosyncratic paintings of Arcimboldo (he is known for his 16th century portraits constructed of fruits and vegetables), and the 'curiosity cabinets' of the 17th Century in which all manner of art works and natural history exhibits were carefully assembled into display cabinets. The artwork in the exhibition includes a series of very authentic-looking, seemingly 18th Century engravings of the most extraordinary creatures, and a 3-dimensional equivalent extraordinary creature in a natural history display cabinet.

The elements and techniques of collage using found objects and imagery are used to brilliant effect within the exhibition and were explored within the workshop in 2-D work, 3-D work and Stop-Frame Animation. Equally the themes of a surrealistic imagination and of environmental catastrophe and its influence on the evolution of animal species are used to brilliant effect within the exhibition and were themes explored within the workshop.

Works produced in the workshop are to be displayed at a preview evening at the Cavanacor Gallery where the student’s work will be exhibited alongside the work of Svankjmajer, and will continue on show until 18 Decmeber 2010; and in a mail art project of cards featuring work by the students and by Svankmajer, which will be distributed nationally; and the stop-frame animations will be screened at the Foyle Film Festival 2010 as part of a tribute to Svankmajer presented by Artlink, the Cavanacor Gallery and the North West Regional College.

For more images click the icon to go to our Vimeo page.


Older Peoples Art Programmes


The aim of this 8-week programme is to engage children with their older community so that a better understanding of each others lives and interests will enable a deeper respect and appreciation within the community. The older people will take on the leadership role by sharing their knowledge of the local area, thus educating the children on the history of their townland.

The children will learn about the history of the location and the fashion, games and interests of the children of that time. The result will be a printed postcard of various older peoples memories from the local area. This programme has just finished at Buncrana Nursing Unit and was funded jointly by Buncrana Nursing Unit and Inishowen Development Partnership.

To bring this programme to your group contact Crona at the Artlink office on 074 93 63469.

Older people and coordinators/leaders

This is a partnership programme between Artlink and Balor DCA. The 10-week programme is aimed at both older people and group leaders working in older peoples services. The objective of the programme is to develop the confidence of the participants in their ability to creatively engage by challenging them to reach their creative and participative potential through having fun and sharing laughter in an arts environment. It is structured so that the initial sessions is led by the facilitator with the group leaders adopting a wholly participatory role.

The facilitators tailor the art forms of drama and the visual arts to the older peoples needs, interests and physical and cognitive abilities. As the programme progresses there is a change in role with the group leaders taking more of an active role, team-teaching with the facilitator by delivering, engaging and eventually leading some activities during the workshops. Some of the activities sampled include decoupage, masked theatre, glass painting, character creatings and improvisation, ceramics, card making, exploring folklore and the arts and crafts movement, as well as a gallery trip!

This programme has just finished at St. Johnston Family Resource Centre and was funded by Donegal Local Development Company. To bring this programme to your group contact Crona at the Artlink office on 074 93 63469.

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