Current Artist Projects at Artlink
Artist in Residence Program 2011

Artlink wishes to research and develop through an innovative series of artists residencies in our rural setting the use and exploration by contemporary artists of agrarian industries and folk arts in the visual field, agrarian communities’ archival material, and these agrarian industries and their local histories (held by local government, churches, historical societies, individuals for instance).

This research through artists’ practice, which will benefit both from the multiplicity of approaches and also the overall organizational coherent focus that a series or programme of artist’s residncies can bring, can question if the exploration by artists of agrarian industries and their histories can be used as a catalyst in the culturally led regeneration and reanimation of rural communities.

Artist Darkroom Residencies Program 2011

Within our annual series of artist's rural residencies several explore darkroom photography. The unique craft and aesthetic of the darkroom is in decline. Is it inevitable that non-digital photography will in time to be sited as a solely ‘historic’ craft in decline, and akin to agrarian industries boxed off as solely an historic artifact? Or can it be re-imagined and kept vibrant by continued artistic research and development of the craft and the continued opening up of access to the craft for audiences and communities?

As the only public provider of this artistic resource in the North West, Artlink will commission three residencies with photographers who will have use of our darkroom to examine this medium and open access to it for communities in the area:

Artlink Studio Program

Paul Kerr has been resident at the Artlink Tullyarvan Mill studio and Artlink Fort Dunree studio since January 2008. Paul was born in 1965 in Dungannon in the north of Ireland. His love for painting and drawing began in his early teens. By the time he was 16, it was to be an all-consuming passion. He was accepted for Art College in 1983, however he turned down the opportunity, as his life took a different course. It was more than ten years before he started painting again. He moved to Dublin in 1996, determined to devote his time to art, and has been painting professionally since then.

Paul has exhibited throughout Ireland as well as taking part in shows in London, New York, Florence, Milan, Sidney, and Beijing. Paul’s work is in Irish and International collections including the Irish Government – Office of Public Works. His online exhibition hosted by the Apollo Gallery, Dublin, in 2003, resulted in an Omni award.

Paul is available to host studio visits and talks to artists, individuals and groups by appointment only via Artlink.

Exhibition Opportunities

Here and There: Graduate and Postgraduate Works Selected for Fort Dunree

This is a development of New Art 2010. It is to be an annual exhibition of work selected by a panel of artists who have already worked within the unique setting of Fort Dunree.

The 2010 Fort Dunree exhibiting artists winners were Jim Ricks, Sam Keogh and Ursula Burke who will select works from the 2011 graduate and postgraduate shows.

For more information please click here.

Artist Resources

Artlink has a variety of resources available to artists or interested individuals. These include:

  • Artist Studios
  • Darkroiom
  • Library
  • Digital media suite
  • Ceramic and glass kilns
  • Professional development advice
  • Exhibition and residency opportunities

For further information on all of Artlink’s programmes and resources contact Artlink on or call 00 353 (0)74 63469.

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